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Celebrate Your Next Happy Hour at Sammy’s!

Celebrate Your Next Happy Hour at Sammy’s!


There’s no better hour than happy hour. It’s the perfect time to unwind after a long day (or week) and enjoy good company, good laughs, and best of all, good prices.

If you’re looking for the best happy hour in town, look no further than Sammy’s Woodfired Pizza. Here’s why you should celebrate your next happy hour with us:

Half-Priced Tapas

If you’re a foodie and/or traveler at heart, Sammy’s is the perfect place to sample internationally inspired dishes. From Thai chicken satays to Baba ghanoush to sesame Shishito peppers, our tapas menu is lined with mouthwatering options. The best part? You can get these, and an array of other appetizers, at half-price during happy hour!

$2 Off Beer and Glasses of Wine

What is happy hour without drink specials? At Sammy’s, you can enjoy your favorite beer or wine for $2 off—a solid discount that doesn’t force you to drink “ 2 for 1.” We’re looking out for your well-being. Please drink responsibly!

Local Craft Beers

Craft beer is the new craze, and San Diego boasts a world-class selection of breweries. At Sammy’s, you’ll find tons of hip, delicious beers from local brewers like Mother Earth, Saint Archer, Green Flash, Anthem, Alesmith, and many more. Be sure to ask what’s on tap!

Friendly Service

Sammy’s is a family-friendly restaurant. We hire the best, brightest, and most dedicated employees to uphold our tradition of providing impeccable service. Even during busy times like happy hour, you can expect our staff not just to attend to your needs, but to do it with genuine smiles on their faces.

The Ideal Meetup Spot

Team building, book club, birthdays, and guys’ or girls’ night out—whatever the occasion may be, you can take the fun up a notch by bringing your group to Sammy’s happy hour. Pizza is, after all, the go-to gathering food.

Something for Everyone

Vegetarians, vegans, meat eaters, flavor aficionados, pizza fanatics, and picky eaters unite—there’s something for everyone here at Sammy’s. Our wide menu makes it that much easier to bring a big group and keep everyone happy.

Great Atmosphere

The key to any happy hour is the atmosphere. Many bars get too packed, and many restaurants don’t truly embrace happy hour. We’re the perfect middle

ground: a place to bring your friends and enjoy an old fashioned good time. We’re willing to bet that you’ll enjoy the atmosphere so thoroughly, you’ll want to stay for dinner.

Happy hour is always just around the corner. So the next time you’re free between 3 p.m. and 6 p.m., come on by Sammy’s for all of the above! Click here to find the Sammy’s nearest you.


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