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4 Tips To Help Make Your Next Catered Event the Best Yet!

4 Tips To Help Make Your Next Catered Event the Best Yet!


Whether it’s a birthday party, family dinner, work luncheon, or corporate meeting, catering your event is the best decision you’ll ever make. Here at Sammy’s, we make catering easy, cost efficient, and delicious. Yes, we even have new menu items just for catering! Hello, Herb Roasted Potatoes. To make your catering experience easy, we are going to let you in on four tips to help make your next catered event the best yet.

1. Understand Your Audience:

It is important to get an overall understanding of who will be attending your event. For example, if most of your guests are vegetarian, then you will need to order the majority of meals vegetarian. Our Mandarin Pasta Salad, Vegetarian Wrap, and Oak Roasted Curried Cauliflower would be perfect orders for this audience. That being said, you would also need to accommodate the non-vegetarian guests. In addition to the vegetarian options, we recommend ordering a non-vegetarian main dish and side, such as the Pappardelle Bolognese Pasta and Grilled Chicken Breast Side.

2. Determine What Type of Event You’re Hosting:

Are you catering for a personal event or corporate event? The difference between the two is that a personal event would involve brunch and casual lunches, while a corporate event would involve business lunch meetings or formal dinner parties. For example, if you are catering food for a formal, corporate dinner with colleagues, we suggest ordering foods such as Prosciutto and Pineapple Spears starter, Tuscan Kale and Romaine Salad, Chicken Tequila Fettuccine, and the Oak Roasted Atlantic Salmon side. For this event, wraps and pizza are less formal, so we suggest saving those food items for a casual event.

3. Order Enough Food For Everyone:

As a general rule of thumb, ordering a little more than the amount of guests you have is best. For example, if you are hosting a family lunch for ten people, then we recommend ordering one starter, one salad, two entrees, and two sides of a vegetarian and meat option. Regarding the entrees, we suggest ordering a pizza and a wrap. These options are family fun, simple, and enjoyable.

4. Know How Long the Event Will Last:

It is important to understand the length of your event. A casual brunch is different than a conference event—the brunch would last only a couple of hours at the most, while the conference would typically last all day. This would determine how much food would need to be ordered, when it would be delivered, and for how many people.

We hope this information will guide you into having your best-catered event yet. Please visit our website for a full catering menu. We make it easy to cater from us. All you have to do is choose your event date, time, and guest count, let us know if it is pick-up or delivery, and give us a call if you need expert catering advice!


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