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How to Pair Wine and Cheese Dishes at Sammy’s

How to Pair Wine and Cheese Dishes at Sammy’s


Culinary pairing is an esteemed skill in our book. Magic happens when flavor profiles are perfectly matched down to the subtlest nuance. In order to make your Sammy’s visit a memorable one, we’ve curated a list of food and wine pairings that will delight your discerning palate.

Salty and Sweet

Lush wines that err on the sweet side pair extremely well with salted dishes or cheeses. Salt tends to elevate the sweetness and flavor of your grape-laden beverage, so that you can fully enjoy every note. We recommend pairing our Sammy’s Mini Duck Tacos with a fruity Merlot like Robert Mondavi’s Merlot (Napa). The Mini Duck Tacos are topped with feta cheese, napa cabbage, and tomato-cilantro cream—the perfect amount of salty elements to balance out a sweet and aromatic Merlot. You can also pair a salty-cheese dish with delicate and sweet Riesling, like Chateau Ste. Michelle (Washington). A subtle and sweet Riesling will round out salty flavors beautifully.

Opposites Attract

Sometimes (in love and) skillful food pairing, opposites attract. Rich and creamy food finds a harmonious counterpart in a bubbly and light sparkling wine. Trust us on this one. We recommend a gourmet Sammy’s Woodfired Pizza like our Five Cheese with a glass (or bottle) of Sparkling Brut from Mumm (Napa). A bubbly wine will help clear the palette for your next decadent bite of cheesy goodness. If you prefer a less effervescent option, sip on a crisp white wine like Nobilo, a Sauvignon Blanc with zesty tropical fruit flavors.


If you’re dabbling with dishes that have firm cheeses and strong flavors, you need a medium-bodied wine that can stand up to the robust flavor in your dish. So if you’re enjoying our Sammy’s Lobster Mac & Cheese, you may want to sip on a crisp white wine like a Louis Latour d’Ardèche Chardonnay (France) or a bold red like a Rodney Strong Pinot Noir (Russian River). These wines will elevate the strong flavors of your dish without getting lost in the robust flavor.

If this list has you ready to wine and dine like a Food Network expert, then we’d love to host you! Visit our locations page to find the Sammy’s Woodfired Pizza nearest to you. Our servers would be happy to offer other food and wine pairing suggestions to keep your taste buds happy.


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