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Why Should I Eat Locally Sourced Food?

Why Should I Eat Locally Sourced Food?


“Locally-sourced food” may sound like a buzz-phrase, but there are many reasons why it should be in the forefront of your thoughts when it comes to dining out or purchasing food.

What is locally sourced food?

Locally sourced food is grown (or raised) close to where consumers live and is distributed over shorter distances rather than the conventional methods of the global food system. Local food won’t endure a week-long cross-country trip in an air-conditioned truck before it is bagged and shelved for purchase. Instead, it hits your plate, at the very least, several days after being picked.

There are many reasons why you should consider local food when choosing where to eat or what to buy. Here are a few:

Reason #1: Local food tastes better.

Locally sourced produce is fresher and tastes better. Local food is typically handpicked the day before or day of sale. As you can probably imagine, fresh food that isn’t factory washed, bagged and transported from miles away, just tastes better.

Reason #2: Local food has less environmental impact.

Locally sourced food has a smaller carbon footprint. And let’s be honest, the earth could use all the help it can get. Local foods affect the environment less because distribution methods are abbreviated. Less billows of polluted smoke will fill the air if food isn’t being shipped overseas or cross-country in a big rig.

Reason #3: Local foods promote food safety.

Food contamination is a serious issue that could lead to illness or death depending on the severity of contamination. Locally sourced food has a lesser chance of contamination because there are fewer steps between farm and fork. Although food contamination will always be a concern, eliminating opportunities for contamination is a huge step in promoting food safety.

Reason #4: Local food supports the local economy.

Supporting the local food movement helps your local economy. Money spent on local food products tends to stay within that localized community because the food moves through fewer hands. By putting consumers directly in touch with the farmers that grow and raise food, we are helping to keep money within our local economy.

Here at Sammy’s we’re huge proponents of locally sourced food. Sustainability and great tasting food are two things we are deeply passionate about, and supporting the local food movement helps us bring our passion to your plate.

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