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Spotlight on Sammy’s Globally Inspired Menu Items

Spotlight on Sammy’s Globally Inspired Menu Items


From Italy and Spain to Greece and Asia, global culinary recipes continuously inspire Sammy’s eclectic menu. Our chefs pride themselves on combining flavors and transforming dishes into immediate customer favorites! Let’s take a closer look at a few specific menu items.

Starting with a little taste of Spain, here at Sammy’s we have a wonderful variety of “Tapas,” or appetizers. Tapas are plates of food traditionally served in petite portions. Did you know that Tapas originated from a Spanish King? He insisted that small bites of food would be served in between meals and when sipping on wine. This custom of serving mini plates has been incorporated into our menu as appetizers to share. Some of our most popular Tapas include Mini Duck Tacos, Hummus, and Garlic Cheese Bread. Sammy’s Tapas are perfect for families to share around the table.

Incorporating Asian cuisine and Italian pizza, Sammy’s Thai Chicken or Shrimp Wood Fired Pizza is a must try! This interesting combination is savory, zesty, and garden-fresh. On top of traditional Italian pizza dough, the Asian fusion toppings include your choice of chicken or shrimp, Julienned vegetables, cilantro, scallions, peanuts, lime juice, fresh mint, and spicy Thai peanut sauce. The vegetables, lime, and mint go perfectly with the contrasting peanut sauce.

Another beloved globally inspired dish is the Grilled Hawaiian Mahi Tacos. Incorporating Hawaiian and California coast culture, these tacos are imbedded with tomato-avocado salsa, Napa cabbage, Chipotle sauce, fish, and served in a choice of corn or flour tortillas. These tacos are fresh, crunchy, and mildly spicy. Let your taste buds try for themselves!

These are just a few of the many globally inspired menu items that Sammy’s offers. Other famous dishes include the Mediterranean Dip Sampler featuring a variety of exotic spices, Italy’s classic Burrata and Pesto Wood Fired Pizza, and Hong Kong style Chicken Lettuce Cups. For more information, come visit our full menu listed above!


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