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Spotlight on Our New Cocktails at Sammy’s Featuring Han Soju!

Spotlight on Our New Cocktails at Sammy’s Featuring Han Soju!


What is the best complement to a gourmet meal? A well-crafted libation, of course!

Even better still, is a great-tasting cocktail that isn’t devastatingly caloric. If you’re on the hunt for a tasty but light cocktail, look no further than your local Sammy’s Woodfired Pizza!

Our cocktails are now made with Han Spirits for a smoother, lighter cocktail with half the calories. (Just in time for swimsuit season!) Han Spirits are made from a blend of polished Rice and Barley, and are extremely versatile (and tasty) spirits. We use Han Soju to elevate the classic Cosmopolitan or Bloody Mary here at Sammy’s!

Other must-try cocktails from Sammy’s:

Pear Persuasion

Our Pear Persuasion cocktail is definitely a crowd-pleaser. Han Soju 48 is blended with fresh pear puree, lime, agave, and soda. Stir, sip, reorder.

Cucumber Cooler

In our opinion, the Cucumber Cooler is the perfect summer cocktail. Combat the blistering heat with a tall glass of Han Soju 48, fresh lemonade, cucumber, and basil.

Moscow Mule

We switched things up on the classic Moscow Mule by mixing it with Han Soju 48. And as a result, we produced an exceptionally flavorful and refreshing adult beverage. Cheers!


We use Han Teq, Big Daddy’s margarita mix, triple sec, and lime for our exquisite house Margarita here at Sammy’s.


Mojitos are notoriously known for being high in calories, but generally a great time. If you want to have your cake and eat it, too, you’ll love our lighter take on the classic drink. Our Mojito uses Han Cane, Daily’s mojito mix, club soda, lime, and fresh mint.

If you’re thirsty for a meticulously made cocktail be sure to stop by Sammy’s Woodfired Pizza near you! Our new Han Spirit cocktails will not disappoint!


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