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What’s New at Sammy’s Woodfired Pizza?

What’s New at Sammy’s Woodfired Pizza?


Get your forks and knives ready…

We’re excited to announce some fresh new menu items here at Sammy’s Woodfired Pizza! Our new menu items are inspired by culinary dishes from around the globe and are made with local, organic, and nutritionally-balanced ingredients. Here’s a preview of what’s new at Sammy’s this season.

Delight your group with one of our new Sampler Plates. Our Asian Sampler is a collection of Eastern flavored fare including: garlic shrimp skewers, pork potstickers with chili ponzu, and Thai chicken satays with peanut sauce. If you’re craving charcuterie, try our Meat and Cheese Sampler! The Meat and Cheese Sampler includes: black truffle hard salami, prosciutto ham, blue cheese Brie, Montrachet goat cheese, dried fruit, walnuts, and crostini.

If you’re the type of restaurant-goer that loves to sample multiple dishes at once, you may be excited to hear about our new Tapas! For a little spice, try our Kung Pao Calamari with red Thai chili, bell peppers, green onion, peanuts, and caramelized rice wine vinegar. If you’re craving some Spanish fare, try our Braised Lamb or Barbacoa Beef Tacos tapas. You may also like our Seasoned Shredded Beef Empanadas with ground beef, dried currants, onions, and salsa verde.

Hungry yet?

We also have a few new entrees we’re excited to share with you. For our meat-lovers, we have Lamb Chops with grilled crisp Brussels sprouts, fingerling potatoes, and topped with our red pepper garlic chutney. If you’re feeling bold, feast on our Wok Fired Sliced Steak—a flavorful sliced steak dish with tomato, onion, potato, and soy-ginger sauce. If you’re craving some comfort food, try our Wagyu Cheeseburger with a double patty, cheddar cheese, lettuce, Thousand Island dressing on a Focaccia bun.

For our veggie-lovers, we have a new Tuscan and Romaine salad with toasted almonds, dried cranberries, feta cheese, red onion, and our homemade sherry-dijon dressing. For a shareable veggie dish try our Crisp Brussels Sprouts that are marinated with a balsamic glaze and topped with Romano cheese and walnuts.

If this list peaked your curiosity, stop in to sample a new item. You won’t be disappointed! Find the Sammy’s location nearest to you here.


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