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Happy Hour: 5 Social Events You Should Host at Sammy’s

Happy Hour: 5 Social Events You Should Host at Sammy’s


Who doesn’t love a good happy hour?

Whether you’re meeting up with friends, hanging out with co-workers or looking to lighten up date night, Sammy’s Happy Hour offers an ideal setting. It’s the perfect level of liveliness, which makes it a great option for social events, too. Here are five fun gatherings you can host at our happy hour:

Book Club

If you and your friends aren’t doing book club, you’re missing out. Pick a book and ask 3-5 of your friends to read it with you. Follow a schedule of a few chapters a week, and meet up here every Thursday as the plot unfolds. You’ll have a blast chatting about the surprises, uncertainties and mysteries over drinks. Share an artisan woodfired pizza, or mix and match from a multicultural selection of small bites.

Entrepreneurial Meetups

The startup world is challenging and fast-paced. Find your equilibrium of inspiration and relaxation while passing around delicious tapas like Crab & Shrimp Dip and Lobster Mac & Cheese. Studies have shown that having a beer makes you more creative, and we agree. Also, happy hour is budget-friendly. Put those extra bucks into your startup, and don’t forget about us when your business takes off!

Corporate Team Building

If you’re an executive or manager, it’s important to treat your team every once in a while. Not only will they appreciate your kindness; they’ll also build trust and healthy relationships with each other. Raise your glasses at Sammy’s and watch your employees work with the same synchronization the next time things get hectic in the office. Thursday is a great night for work outings because it sets the tone for a smooth Friday at work, leading right into a rejuvenating weekend.

Double Dates

The double date will never go out of style. It’s not just for twenty-somethings, either; we’ve seen plenty of married couples enjoying an old-fashioned double date. The key to double dating is to go somewhere that’s vibrant but not raucous. Most bars get jam-packed and stuffy during happy hour. Here it’s just a good time with plenty of room to breathe, the right kind of energy and, of course, awesome drink and tapas specials.

Girls’/Guys’ Night Out

Girls’/Guys’ night out starts at Sammy’s with an on-point selection of beers to go with mouthwatering tapas or a signature Sammy’s pizza. From there you’ll have all the fuel you need to get to your next stop – or you may just find that you want to keep it low-key and stay.

These are just a few ideas for hitting Sammy’s Happy Hour like a pro. And we haven’t even mentioned birthdays, going away parties and other milestone celebrations. So what are you waiting for? Join us for the best happy hour in town every day from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. Oh, and most importantly, please drink responsibly


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