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5 Tips From a Pro to Make Your Next Catered Event Amazing

5 Tips From a Pro to Make Your Next Catered Event Amazing


When you’re in the midst of planning a party or event, food is usually a high priority on the list, but finding the time to cook that food is usually the bigger issue. That’s why you should consider hiring an experienced catering company that can take the pressure off of you and help to make your event one for the ages.

Don’t let your next catering event flounder. Follow these five tips from the catering pros at Sammy’s on how to make your next event a success.

Do Your Research

Before actually hiring a catering company, you should do your due diligence in researching catering companies near you. You’ll definitely want to select a company that’s local, where you can go and check out their facility and meet with them.

Hiring a local business also gives you a better chance of working with a company that your friends and family potentially worked with in the past. Then, you’ll have the added benefit of asking them their opinion. Word of mouth referrals are usually the best, so definitely reach out to your loved ones and get the lowdown on their past experience with caterers in the area.

Another part of your research phase should be finding out what the company offers. Sure they offer food. But, what about the utensils to eat that food? Do they also bring the chairs and tables, and the linens for those tables? Also, what’s their leftover policy?

Ask as many questions as you need to in order to feel comfortable. Remember, you’re hiring them, so you need to be confident in the catering company that you choose.

Try It Before You Buy It

There’s nothing worse than paying for something you don’t like, so don’t do it.

Before signing any kind of agreement with a catering company, make sure you try their food. Think about the potential dishes that you want to serve at your event, and ask to sample them. You wouldn’t buy a car without test driving it, and you shouldn’t purchase food from a caterer without knowing how it tastes.

If the caterer doesn’t let you, that’s a warning sign that the company probably isn’t for you. The key here is transparency—you’re the customer, and it’s your right to know that you’re receiving the quality that you’re going to be paying for. The last thing you want is for your event to be ruined because of the food.

Make a Checklist

You’re probably hiring a catering company because you have a party or event that you’re planning. We all know how chaotic it can be when planning an event, and that’s why you need to have a checklist to assure that you don’t miss a single step with your catering company.

What’s going to be on that checklist?

Everything from the name of your contact to the food and beverage orders to a reminder to tip the staff at the end of your party or event.

Don’t let the craziness of the day get you out of whack. Use your checklist to make sure that you’re aligned with your catering company.

Offer a Wide Variety of Food

We’ve all been there—the parties where we don’t find a single appetizer or entree appealing.

Before booking your catering company, take a look at their menu and make sure that they offer an array of cuisine that will fit your guests’ needs. You know what type of food your guests like, but even so, be sure to mix it up so that everyone is happy.

Now, if your event has some sort of theme to it that requires a certain type of food, that’s another story, but for the sake of your guests, make sure there’s a variety of food to choose from.

Don’t Forget the Drinks

In the mad scramble of planning an event and hiring a caterer, one thing you can’t afford to forget are the beverages. Depending on what type of event you’re planning, you probably already have an idea of the type of drinks you’ll want to serve, but just don’t let them be an afterthought.

If your event is more geared toward adults, you will want to consider inquiring about alcohol. Some caterers are able to provide alcohol. Others will serve it but will require that you, the client, provide the booze. In either case, you should see if a corking fee will be applied.

Don’t let your guests go thirsty. Just as you’re doing with the food, make sure you offer a variety of beverages for them to wash down their delicious meals.

Now, armed with these catering tips from Sammy’s, you’ll be able to make the right decision when trying to find the perfect caterer.

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